Tree pruning and hedge trimming involves much more than just cutting your tree / hedges. There are many different types of hedges in your neighborhood and the Delfin Tree Surgeon knows how to cater to the needs of each individual type. Properly pruning will promote the flowering of the trees on your property. Hedges can sometimes become a head ach when treating them all the same. Hedges such as podocarpus require much attention to ensure the proper growth. While others like the Ficus require trimming more often.

Delfin Tree Surgeon provides you with the proper trimming and pruning that is required for your yard. We insure to take the time to know the difference in your hedges and the different techniques needed to result in satisfying displays of your yard. While we properly prune your tree to promote flowering we also remove any dead wood from your trees / hedges. You can ensure we will have your yard looking at its best all year around.

Our Lawn Care Specialist will provide exceptional quality service to keep your trees / hedges healthy and your land looking at its very best. We use effective techniques and the right equipment to ensure we safely remove all unwanted trees / hedges.

When utilizing our Delfin Tree Surgeon Program as an isolated service, it is important for you as the owner to maintain and upkeep the yard. Scheduled mowing of the lawn plays a vital part in the growth of a healthy yard. Making sure the yard is cut at the proper length is very important. This will insure the roots are receiving the prober amount of sunlight / energy. Not only cutting to the proper length but also making sure you’re cutting in different patterns to avoid compacting the soil. Check our Standard Lawn Maintenance to see what should be done to maintain your yard..

If you wish to reduce your work load, consider our Basic Maintenance Package or our Premium Service Package, which allow you to combine our standard isolated services into more effective yard maintenance solutions!

• Tree Pruning
• Hedge Trimming
• Removal of limbs & Tree Debris

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